Kitchen Before & After Remodel

AFTER – We used the existing cabinets but added new handles, appliances, lights, ceiling fan, sink, faucet, marble countertop and glass backsplash, plus a work island.



AFTER – An extension of our entertainment center provides additional storage to the kitchen and office space.IMG_0750

BEFORE – The fridge was given to local friends from church, the stove traded for some work done and the table and chairs given to our realtor’s son.


BEFORE – Yes, I worked in that corner for sometime before we made the changes.2016-08-15 17.47.57


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  1. patsfrontiernetnet says:

    You two sure know how to make a difference.  There should be a magazine article in here.  Pat

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  2. Judy Klein says:

    The kitchen: Probably the most used room in the house, right? Everyone loves to gather in the kitchen.

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  3. Steven and Roger, once again you have done a terrific remodel. I love the bathroom especially. Great job and very inspiring. I definitely need to take you up on your offer next time you are traveling and opening your place up to visitors!

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    1. Steven Hurley says:

      We still have a 13 night spot available should you want to visit the middle of September. If so, send me an email.


  4. Janice Waller says:


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