Aloha! We are Steven Hurley and Roger Tinsman and we’ve been a couple for over 26 years and married since 2008. Steven is the founding partner of Travels With Friends LLC, and focuses on the company’s website Private Shore Trips and working with small groups who take their tours. Roger has been a self employed Interior Designer for the last 16 years, and is now beginning his semi-retirement. In the Spring of 2016 we decided to sell our home of 21 years and embark on a new adventure. Our adventure took the form of moving to the Hawaiian Island of Molokai.

We created this blog to share our experience with friends and family, but also as a form of therapy for ourselves as we experience the joy of a new adventure, and the anxiety that comes with any major change in life. We hope you will join us on our journey! If you’d like to send us a message, please let’s talk story.